Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is part of climate recovery

The findings of the United Nations IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) are clear: without carbon dioxide removal (CDR) there is no realistic path for humanity to avoid catastrophic warming. CDR is now a critical complement to, not a substitute for, efforts to reduce emissions.

CDR can't wait

Today, we're removing virtually no carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and oceans, but by 2050, we’ll need to be capable of removing billions of tonnes of CO₂ each year just to avoid dangerous climate change. This requires us to consider the full range of proposed CDR techniques, from reforestation and soil sequestration to mineralisation, biomass carbon capture, and direct air capture. Only if we begin scaling up the full spectrum of proposed approaches now and over the next decade, in tandem with dramatic emissions cuts, will we stand a chance of stopping dangerous climate change.

CDR needs Europe

Europe has an unparalleled track record of deploying incentives to scale-up key climate technologies. By supporting solar and wind energy early on, Europe was able to help bring down the cost of renewables so they could be rolled out around the world. No other region can match this contribution. But right now, there is little significant support for CDR by European governments and we need an independent organisation dedicated to changing that. There’s no time to wait for leadership from elsewhere: Europe is our best hope for making sure that CDR techniques can be deployed safely, affordably, and in time.

CDR needs an honest broker

CDR techniques have the potential to significantly reduce climate risk to the benefit of everyone. However, it is essential that the risks and side-effects associated with these approaches be carefully considered. We need to ensure that the development of these approaches is not dominated by industry actors, who might seek to prioritise their interests at the expense of society as a whole.

Starting in the UK, our mission is to dramatically raise Europe's ambition to become a global leader in CDR. Our ethos is to remain pathway-neutral and inclusive, ushering in large-scale research funding, deployment incentives, and public acceptance of all effective CDR techniques. Equity and environmental justice are central to climate action and will be a key part of our mission.

With support from leading researchers, funding from established philanthropic organizations, and guidance from our successful partner advocacy organisations, we will:

  1. Advocate for policy change to provide critical research and deployment incentives to scale up carbon removal,
  2. Coordinate among funders, ENGOs, industry, and government to build a thriving European CDR ecosystem,
  3. Engage with the public and community leaders to explore the benefits and potential risks of CDR and enable well-informed decision making.

We're hiring a founding team

We've already raised over £2,700,000 in funding commitments and built a network of partners and allies across Europe. All that’s missing is a climate aligned, passionate, and entrepreneurial founding team.

Our Founding Executive Director and team will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a world-class organisation from the ground up and bring the world closer to meeting its climate goals. View our posting here. Applications are temporarily closed, but don't hesitate to get in touch or submit your CV for consideration for future openings.

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Thank you to our early partners

Thank you to Quadrature Climate Foundation, Grantham Foundation, Climate Pathfinders Foundation, and our other funders for their anchor support. Thank you to Carbon180 for strategic partnership and to Oxford Net Zero for providing expert advice.